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Not Just Closets has many satisfied customers. This web page is dedicated to giving them voice so you can know more about NJC and what kind of work we do.

At NJC we always provide the very best customer service possible before, during, and after our professional installation. The comments below are just a few of the many testimonials our customers have given. If you have an NJC experience you would want to share, please send us an e-MAIL at We are so pleased that you appreciate the products, services, and support we provide.

We at Not Just Closets are proud of our workmanship, our creativity, and the help we have been able to provide to our many clients. We look forward to meeting you, and working with you to find just the right solution to your space organization problems. Perhaps photos of your project will wind up here in the Portfolio section.

We will be adding to the examples in this web page as we complete more projects. This web page was created on 11/05/2013, so expect the examples displayed to continue to grow in the coming years.

We were pleased to be invited to do a new Master Bedroom Closet project for a home in Albuquerque that was featured in the 2013 Parade of Homes. Perhaps you visited it during the 2013 Parade? The next 4 images are from that home.
The closet was long and narrow but there was plenty of space for hanging clothes and drawer units as well as for folded clothes, shoes and other items. All this was accomplished without sacrificing elbow room in this narrow space.
Views from the bathroom into the Master Closet.
Another perspective of the Master Closet.

The closets shown here were designed for a NE Heights home in Albuquerque. They were installed and photos were taken before any clothes or other items were added. The dark pullout in the first image is a clothes hamper.

These light colored cabinets were chosen for the Master Bedroom closet to help keep the space bright and light. Note the two rows of hangars for shirts and dresses above, and pants below.

The double row of drawers in this closet replaces the typical Chest of Drawers without sacrificing the extra space needed for the chest. This is a great addition to any closet.

The last closet photo shows a two-door vertical storage closet on the right that is very flexible to configure. It can be outfitted to store clothes, shoes, jewelry, or other items. Also note the extra-length hangar space for formal dresses or long gowns.

Not Just Closets was also contracted to do the Pantry in the above home. Please notice that the shelving wraps around the corners, providing the greatest amount of storage space. Also you will find that the spacing on the shelves was designed to allow for a large number of varying size items in the pantry. There are large shelves on the bottom since large items are usually heavy and bulky. Seldom-used items can also be stored on the top shelf.

The storage shelves shown are in a large walk-in pantry, with a concommitantly large number of shelves. Dark colored cabinets were chosen for the Pantry to match the Kitchen cabinets.

We were asked to design and install the closets for a house in the October 2014 Parade of Homes. The view is of an extremely large walk-in closet with upper and lower hanging bars, tall hanging areas, and a huge amount of cabinet and drawer storage.

The next two views portray the same closet, demonstrating the size of the closet and the many wrap around hanging areas, shelves, storage cabinets, and drawers. All four walls were filled with these features.

The closet also has a pull-down ironing board, allowing for quick refreshing of creases in trousers or straightening of dresses.

Not Just Closets also does commercial installations, as evidenced by the corporate office kitchen and file storage solutions shown here. This photo is of a work center island incorporating file storage. Not shown is another large set of shelves for bulk storage.

The back side of the work center also has cabinets for storage.

This is a view of the Break Center at the corporate office. The counter, sink and upper and lower cabinets were all designed and installed by Not Just Closets.

  • Photo A - Shown is a corner shelf unit for a child's closet in a 2015 Parade of Homes residence. The corner unit stores many toys in a neat, orderly fashion.
  • Photo B - Hanging space above drawers illustrates the versatility of our units.

Every inch of space is utilized in this Master Bedroom Closet in the 2015 Parade of Homes residence.

Roll-out shelves offer convenience and easy access to a pantry in the 2015 Parade of Homes kitchen.

This customer said - "Total 100% customer satisfaction. I love it!   It is the crown jewel of the room.   Every woman who has seen it has mentioned they are jealous of it all".     We agree.

This closet was custom-designed for blueprint storage for an architect.

Master Bedroom closet units offer a variety of ways to hang and store clothes. Above the double hang and drawer unit are wardrobe lifts (not shown at the top of this photograph) to store seasonal clothes.

A small bedroom closet can be made more useful with the right combination of hangs (hanging racks) and shelving.

An entry closet with double hangs and a convenient bench for removing and storing shoes.

This is a Master Bedroom Closet with adjustable shelves to organize and optimize the storage needs of the customer. The large nest of small drawers just exudes an aura of organization, and the shoe storage is adjusted to hold different sizes of boots and shoes.

This is another view of the Master Bedroom Closet with adjustable shelves to accomodate both hanging clothes and a large number of shoes. It is adjusted to hold short, medium, and long hanging clothing, with the rest of the space above dedicated to shoes.

A second bedroom closet featuring a large full-length mirror, different length hanging clothes, with space above the organizers that was large enough for luggage. Shoes and hats were also mixed in above the hanging spaces.

Mountainside United Methodist Church in Cedar Crest asked if Not Just Closets could help with the organization of a room. At times, the number of quilts is quite large to support their Victory Quilt Ministry. In addition, they have to store a large inventory of partial quilt blocks and sewing aids. Not Just Closets came up with an organization of items based on the available wall space and needs of this unique quilting program. This also gave extra work space, and made everything much more accessible and easy to find.

Opening the cabinets highlights the varied space needs of the Quilt Ministry. One the left is a tall cabinet used for storing large items, including a huge roll of padding, irons, ironing boards, and quilting frames. Again, the quilt inventory is currently very low, and there are normally 5 times this many. In normal times, all the shelves will be overflowing.